Vidya Shyamsundar


Vidya Shyamsundar is a self-taught artist and a mural painter who paints colorful intricate patterns & motifs inspired by diverse cultural styles. Born and raised in India, she came to the United States 20 years ago; pursed a degree in Finance; and later worked in the business industry until she chose to become a stay at home mom. Her debut into the art world was truly a happy accident. She says, "I would have never thought signing up for an art class as an avenue for distraction from chores would steer me into a world of possibilities that I am pursuing now." Art making became a hobby, then became her passion, and now her journey that she cherishes since 2015. Vidya Shyamsundar's choice of medium consists of acrylics, alcohol inks, and mixed media. Her new works primarily focus on two subject matters: abstract landscapes with pops of colors & texture, and mandala art with yoga & meditation as the focal point. Vidya’s paintings can be found in local galleries, open studio tours, local art shows, and in her own home studio gallery in Downingtown, PA. Her stunning 6' x 6' mural work on Mandala & Meditation can be viewed at Yoga Secrets, Kennett Square, PA. She is a mother of two young girls of ages 14 and 9 and enjoys organizing and decorating spaces outside of art making.