Mary Holton


mary holton expressionistic artist “I may ponder on paintings for weeks but when I lay paint to the canvas its purely spontaneous! I refuse to be caught up in details~ there are just too many details in everything today. The viewer should look at my paintings and feel a spontaneous reaction! A longing, a memory, a smile, a regret, a flutter... Being self~taught and not painting until mid~life, I’ve had the freedom of creating by instinct and most times it works! My art is not mass produced or routine - it just comes from the heart ... Enjoy” Bio My artistry reflects a quiet rebellion against literal reality while remaining grounded in an appreciation for the beauty contained in our everyday environment. I strive to capture light in its various phases, to present subjects and detail with a looseness and freedom that do not violate the integrity of those elements. For most of my work I choose the forcefulness of a knife rather than a brush stroke to apply my palette, to create a tactile, textural painting that the viewer is free to touch, enter and be part of. I paint to share a vision with the viewer of the uncommon in the common, eliminating the unnecessary elements that distract, a wabi-sabi approach to art: "if an object or expression can bring about, within us, a sense of serene melancholy and a spiritual longing, then that object could be said to be wabi-sabi." Leonard Koren mary holton expressionistic artist Representations and selected exhibitions 2005 - 2007 ~Styer Holton Gallery, Phoenixville, PA ~ Thanassi Gallery, Provincetown, MA ~ 2008 ~Styer Holton Gallery, Phoenixville, PA ~ Thanassi Gallery, Provincetown, MA ~ Frame of Reference Gallery, West Chester, PA 2009 Thanassi Gallery, Provincetown, MA 2010 Holton Gallery, Chesapeake City, MD ~ Thanassi Gallery, Provincetown 2011 Holton Studio, Eagle, PA ~ Thanassi Gallery, Provincetown, MA ~ Studio B, Juried Show, Fancy Award, Boyertown, PA ~ GoggleWorks Center for the Arts, Solo Show, Reading, PA ~ Chadds Ford Invitational Art Show, Chadds Ford, PA ~ Maureen’s Gallery, Exton, PA ~ GoggleWorks Center for the Arts Studio Artist , Studio #205, Reading, PA 2012 ~Holton Studio, Exton, Pa ~ Solo Series, March 2 - April 1, 2012 ~ Other Colors Gallery - 543 Wellington Square, Eagleview, PA 19341 ~ Maureen’s Gallery, Exton, PA ~ Thanassi Gallery, Provincetown, MA 2013 ~ 2014 ~ 2015 ~ 2016 ~ 2017 ~ 2018 ~ Gallery Artist Thanassi Gallery, Provincetown, MA ~ Maureen’s Gallery, Exton, PA ~ Holton Studio, Chester County, PA ~ CityFolk on Prince Gallery, Lancaster, PA JAM Gallery Group Art Show (2017) ~ Chester County Artist Studio Tour (May 2017) Annual Fine Art Shows: Yellow Springs Art Show , Chadds Ford Art Show ~ Malvern Retreat Art Show. 2011 thru 2018 New to 2018 - Unionville Annual Art Show, Notre Dame 46th Annual Fine Art Show Education Self taught in oil, acrylic, ink, multi-media inspired by the impressionistic techniques of The Cape Cod Artists. mary holton