Carol Lesher


109 Ringtail Run Kennett Square, PA 19348 C: 484-614-5815 H: 610-388-0801 Carol Lesher Artist Biography Carol Lesher is an American landscape painter. Born in 1962 in Ridgewood, New Jersey, and currently residing in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, Carol has exhibited widely in both Pennsylvania and Delaware. Carol has always been drawn to the natural world, and her current work explores the expansive landscape. She is developing work suited to large canvases, balancing the tension between minimalist and maximalist expression. Her work, always grounded in the representational, has evolved from vignettes framed within the landscape — homes and gardens, fences, flower pots, doorways — to the larger, more expressive and expansive landscape itself. Though still grounded in the representational, her focus lies increasingly in the material qualities of the paints themselves, and the brushwork used to apply them, layer by layer building beautiful passages within the work into a greater whole. Carol graduated from the University of Delaware in 1984 with a BFA in Painting. Her work experience since includes creating presentation drawings and graphics for a Cape Cod kitchen designer and landscape architect, as well as ten years managing the art collection of MBNA America. She began painting full time in 1999. Her influences include Diebenkorn, Hopper, Katz and Fairfield Porter — each painters of great strength and commitment to their medium. Carol’s work ethic is strong; when not painting, she is constantly thinking about the possibilities for her work, and how she can push her creative growth and exploration further. She’s focused on creating work with the idea that the delivery of paint on the canvas is an act that creates its own excitement and its own forms. She seeks the beauty inherent in this process. Her work is marked by a consistent stylistic integrity. She employs brushes of all sizes, wields her palette knife to shift surfaces, and carefully considers when and where to use each tool. Carol aims to continue creating paintings for people to enjoy, develop gallery relationships that will support the evolution of her work, and develop this work to its fullest potential. She has no end point in mind — the painting is its own goal, its own reward.