Steven White


2019 New Bio Steven White is a self taught artist. Gifted with a natural ability, his urge to paint became overwhelming in the late 1980s. His paintings were show-worthy almost from the beginning. His ability to capture the beauty of nature along with his "touch" was recognized by many prominent show judges, gallery owners, and collectors. Awards followed, as did publications in books and magazines. He has been commissioned a number of times and his paintings have become part of many collections. Steven began painting in watercolor and did so for many years. He felt the need to evolve and in the later part of the last decade began to study impressionistic paintings and techniques. After extensive research on the impressionists' interpretation of color theory and experimenting with acrylics and oils he now has ultimately embraced oils and is enjoying a rebirth and a fresh look at nature. Steven has served as a judge for several art groups and exhibitions. He has participated in plein air events, demonstrations, group exhibitions and a number of his own solo exhibitions.