Elise Bond


Formerly from Chester Springs, Pennsylvania, Elise Bond has been a resident of Cape May County, New Jersey for 20 years. In the early 2000’s, she was the owner of a successful mural company and is now a full time artist showing her work on both the East and West Coast. For the last two years she has been focused on painting various Women in the Arts. She has painted over 50 female artists from actors and singers to fine artists and dancers. In an effort to bridge the past with the present, she paints the women in Sepia tones but fills the surroundings with rich color. “Women remain dramatically underrepresented in the art world. The objective is to raise awareness about the artistic achievements of women in the arts. The process has been a very personal journey, for me, as I have studied cause and effect. Going as far back as the 1920’s, I have learned a great deal about the struggles and triumphs these women have faced. They broke down gender, race and religious barriers, to pursue their dreams. There is a little bit of each of their stories that resonates with me, as a female artist.”