Andrea Pilling


Andrea Pilling has always been interested in the visual world—its lines, colors, textures, moods and most significantly, sense of place. Painting at the beach, walking within a historic neighborhood, or producing two and three-dimensional art forms have in many ways defined who I am. Initially, I expressed myself through architecture and more recently, through oil painting and mixed media. I am fascinated with how light defines objects and produces infinite plays of color, and how three dimensional form can be represented on a two a dimensional plane. Through brushwork, color, line and edges, I try to entice the viewer into my paintings. Whether portraying objects in a still life or a sketching quickly en plein air, I hope to express the world around me, to create a sense of place and to invite the viewer into my world. My work has been shown in local and and national juried shows as well as in The Newport Art Museum. I am an artist member of the Providence Art Club in Rhode Island, The Jamestown (RI) Art Center, The Newport Art Museum and the Long Beach Island Foundation.