Teresa Haag


Art has been a constant in my life. In 2011 I quit my corporate job to pursue a full-time art career and be around for my boys. Self-taught in oils, I developed my signature style in 2009, and have been experimenting with it since. Today, I work out of my studio and gallery in vibrant Downtown Phoenixville, PA. Phoenixville, an old steel mill town once known for manufacturing, is now best known for its rebirth symbolized by the Phoenix. A truly unique and exciting place to live and a perfect fit for me and my love of gritty streets and craft beer. As for my art, through layering and unique choices of ground, subject matter and paint application on top of newspaper, I push to capture the chatter of the urban environment. I want to transport you through common and ordinary places, forcing you to get lost in the stories that exist within them. My hope is that the viewer feels like they can step right into the artwork and experience the location with all of their senses. To achieve this whole-body experience, I use the newspaper as a background to simulate depth and sound. I use layers of oil paint to simulate the energy of city life, especially in the drips and unexpected marks. The brushstrokes change throughout the work to help you soak in the emotion and atmosphere of the location. In the end, I hope I encourage people to see the world a little differently the next time they step outside.